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Authorization to work as a CPO in Norway

With an authorization from the the Norwegian Directorate of Health, you are all set. But sometimes it is possible to work as a prosthetist or orthotist during the process.

Having a foreign education, we recommend you to contact the Directorate of Health as soon as possible, even before you plan to travel to Norway. There can be quite some processing time for authorization, especially if you are trained outside the European Union. 

The Office of Authorization will determine whether your education is corresponding the Norwegian, or if you are required to do more training before you can obtain a Norwegian authorization. 

Apply for work at Ortopediteknikk AS

Ortopediteknikk AS is one of the largest O&P companies in Norway, and is continuously developing. We establish new positions and fill vacancies. Have a look at our open positions. If just curious, you can always contact us with the form at the bottom of the page.

Bilde av Eleanor, Chris og Frank
Eleanor, Chris and Frank are all CPOs with a forreign education, working in Ortopediteknikk in Norway

Internship or relevant practise is required

After the Norwegian P&O-education, you need two years of internship before being authorized. For CPOs with a foreign education, expect to be required to do a two-year internship with a Norwegian clinic. If you are experienced, a documented period of practice can substitute the required internship. Just for the record, the internship is a paid position in Norway. 

The requirements for authorization is in general that the foreign education is corresponding the Norwegian one. Meaning that you have your exams, a period of practice, that you speak Norwegian or another Scandinavian language - and understand the Norwegian society.

Read more on the pages of the Norwegian Directorate of Health

Regelverk - Helsedirektoratet
Turnus for ortopediingeniører - Helsedirektoratet

Apply for internship at Ortopediteknikk

Ortopediteknikk AS is certified as a training company in Norway, meaning we meet the required processes and competence. We have experienced supervisors at our departments around the country, and we can be an important contributor to your development as a professional.

Tidligere turnuskandidat Rakel og hennes veileder Tone, i Sandvika
Rakel Morbeck completed her two year training/internship with Ortopediteknikk in 2023. Read about it here
 (Norwegian text)

We offer internships at our departments in Norway situated in Oslo/Ryen, Lillestrøm, Sandvika, Tønsberg, Stavanger and Førde. Please refer to the map further down in the article.

It could be wise to apply before November 1st, as we allocate internships to Norwegian students shortly after. Your application will be considered even if you apply after November 1st. Please use the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Temporary license as prosthetist and orthotist

The Office of Authorization will normally give you a temporary license to work as a prosthetist and orthotist during your progress fulfilling all requirements. We will provide relevant training courses, and you will be given meaningful work meanwhile.

Bilde av Sander og Gudmund i Stavanger som skanner en gipsavstøpning

A tradition of fair terms and personal development

Ortopediteknikk has a long tradition of offering fair terms and flexible arrangements when needed. Pay, pensions and insurances are good. We focus on providing professional development, and offer attending courses and conferences. We must never stop developing ourselves!

Our employees and their expertise are our most important resource.


Bilde av Bruno og SamBruno and Sam are from Portugal and Canada, both work at Ortopediteknikk in Stavanger in the western part of Norway

Supervising, tasks and challenges 

Whether you are in a formal internship or doing a practice period with the goal of authorization, you will have a supervisor with us. 

You will also have supervisors for the different topics that you need to get acquainted with. In our company we believe that we learn the most when moving outside our comfort zone. We will challenge you in a safe environment, and your supervisor will never be far away!

Bilde av to ortopediingeniører på verkstedet i Oslo

Flexibility while training

With the possibility of visiting and working with our different departments and partners, we want to offer a complete picture of the Norwegian CPO-profession, and our company. 

We have clinics in several parts of the country, and you will be able to experience different supervisors, cultures, competencies, and enjoy the diversity of our country.

Bilde av norsk natur og fjell - Geiranger

A pride for us - and a professional upside for you

Ortopediteknikk is a Norwegian company, with Norwegian owners. We are independent of all suppliers. This means that you as a clinician will choose only the solution that you find perfect for your patient. 

Our independence means that your professional assesment comes first. All suppliers are considered equally.

Bilde av en ortopediingeniør som jobber med modellering

Part time work - or working with us over the summer

We sometimes offer part time work while being a student in Norway. While working like this, the person will be given relevant tasks that match their competency and what they are allowed to do according to local regulations. 

We also offer relevant work to the right person, who wants to stay occupied through the summer.

Contact us directly with a department that interests you, and have an informal talk with the department manager about possibilities. You can also use the contact form at the bottom of the page.

About our company

Ortopediteknikk was established in 1980. Our first clinic was established in Oslo, where we have our headquarters. Today you find us at 16 locations across the southern part of Norway. We are close to 160 colleagues, and pride of with being from 20 different countries.

Kartvisning medOrtopediteknikk lokasjoner januar 2024

We are CPOs, technicians, nurses, physical therapists, medical secretaries, podiatrists, economists, and more.

Diversity makes us stronger. We know more, we understand more, we recognize more, we think better, we think broader, we challenge each other and we cheer each other forward!

Become one of us!

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